Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Family at 43rd

These are some of my best friends. Cory Grandfield, Sam Cocke, and Chase Pittman showing us how to spend a June day on the nose. Not sure how long these sandbars will stay the way they are but its been a fun few weeks in Virginia Beach.

Rhode Island - Water Brothers - WRV

Canon PowerShot D10
Water Brothers - Newport RI
Sid has a lady that comes by the shop on the first of each month. She is homeless and he gives her Water Brothers gear on that day - this isnt just a surf shop, this is a refuge for all of Newport. It is the first of the month and we are having a WRV Demo. We all eat some awesome burgers and talk surfboards, she goes for 2 hot dogs instead. Im talking to a guy who sells yachts one minute, a grom the next, then a ripper from the Dominican Republic whos living in a billion dollar castle for a few months. Yeah, New York City is oh-so-cool and hip but I know what Im gonna get in the city. I have NO IDEA what Im going to get in Newport. I Swear I watched an 86 year old man go past the shop with his walker one day and say, "Hey screw you Sid." "Screw you old man," then they both laugh their asses off. I have no idea how they even know each other but, Sid knows everyone so it isnt a surprise. Sid and his crew played a huge part in the saving of Ruggles surf break as well as the creation of Doris Duke Surf Fest. Check back a few posts and see some photos from last year.

Morris Minor

Canon PowerShot D10
Saw this Mr. Bean impersonator waiting for the Marthas Vineyard ferry to hand off some WRV boards to Green Room Surf Shop. 

Maine - WRV

Canon PowerShot D10
You will go to Maine - you will fall in love. Your mind will explode by the tidal difference. You will surf amazing waves and meet someone new in the water because there will be no one else out. After 20 minutes of trading waves you will both be smiling and laughing and think to yourself about how weird it is back home. Your new buddy will invite you to his house. On the drive over there will be no billboards, and no house looks the same. He will shape surfboards for fun, have an amazing garden, own a goat and chickens. He later reveals he is a Dentist when he hands you his card. He is a surfer. His card has a freaking wave on it and his name is Jim. Jim does not make mini-simmons. He makes Mini-Jimmons. He picked Maine over California by choice. 

It is also striper season, there is no horizon and it is quiet. Vic from Wheels and Waves catches a 38 incher from this sacred dock he's been casting into for years with no luck. Finally tonight he smiles reeling that thing in.


Canon PowerShot D10
This is the start of a trip and hopefully the start of a Journey for myself and WRV. I work for WRV as the surfboard sales rep. This gives me the joy of interacting with over 60 surf shops from Maine all the way to Miami. I work with our interesting and talented shapers and all the guys sweating away in the factory who are finishing your board off right now. I make new friends each trip and can probably point you in the right direction to any surf break or place to grab a bite on the east coast. WRV has a ton of guys that surf for us worldwide. They ride our boards for fun and in contests then give us feedback - We are constantly refining our product. Simply, I want to share where WRV goes, what we do, give the guys who ride for us some photos, interview our shapers, make videos, and enjoy the ride. Eastern shore VA - Buffet extinct, Coffee in New Hampshire, and the back of Cinnamon Rainbow's truck (NH) with some new boards! We'll be there. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Winter Searching 35mm

Fuji Provia 400 - Nikon N70
Near Duck Research Pier in the outer banks. Searching for some waves winter 2012. We ended up surfing KHP -Head high barrels, clean, fun waves with just my friends. Needed to try this camera out and throw some fins!