Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Finished! If youre into stupid illustrations that might make you wonder if Im crazy or not or if you need a break from life, or a laugh you might be into this pile here. I only made about 30 but Im sure I will make more. Next I want to do writings. We'll see. Leave me a message with an address if you want one, I only have 4 left I think.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Eastern Shore

Josh and I both have off work on wednesdays so today we rode our bikes up to the eastern shore. I made a quiet promise to myself to never post cell phone pictures anywhere really, but I couldnt resist. Let me tell you a little story, one of Josh' objectives on this trip was to ride down a random dirt road and see where it led. Who wouldnt want to do that really? So we found that road and it led us to a bunch of trees. We parked our bikes and realized there was an abandoned shack with no door... Above is what we found, "UNCLE RAYS LOVE SHACK," fully loaded with the flag, sweet compound bow, stuffed deer heads, camo bookbag, some dirty couches, wood burning stove. I want to meet Uncle Ray. We also saw a boat graveyard, a million houses worth living in, an empty pool, green fields, good smells, good food with cute girls. Im a fan. GOING BACK!