Saturday, June 14, 2008

best attitude

I want to spend all day with this guy. I started doing random jobs off of craigslist again to make money, yesterday I painted for 9 hours straight with this guy. It was actually really fun. The day before that Jared Vaughn and I recorded at a studio all day...Im working on something music related but am still not involved fully with anything I love, its killing me. Its been hot as shit, hasnt rained no building, no riding. Sometimes bmx dosnt exist at all in my life sometimes its my favorite thing, lately my favorite thing was hanging out with this frog. I should have kept him.

Friday, June 6, 2008

welcome matt

This headline could be mis-understood perhaps. You could be thinking "welcome mat" the thing that you step on when walking into someones house who would rather spend their time eating bananas then sweeping the floor. This welcome matt however is for matt above. We grew up down the street from each other and eventually got into riding bmx together then built our first set of trails together (RIP REGAN TRAILS). MATT LIVES HERE NOW! We've been digging together the past 2 days and hanging out hard. Stoked. I also jumped the set for the first time yesterday. Extremely exciting and awesome. Pics or videos of that soon. It needs to thunderstorm so we can dig more and more efficiently. This dry dirt, mix it in old timer with water stuff has got to go.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

deerland 07

Color coordinated day at CJ's trails sometime last fall. Looks like a jungle in the background.
Budweiser bandanna, bloody knee, cutoff shorts, sweaty as it gets, beard, last summer was good. This summer however is already at 100 degrees plus on a daily basis. sucks. Ive been slacking on the zoo and I havnt heard from brian in about 2 weeks. It needs to rain if any digging is going to go down but I know when that happens a lot is going to get done. For now I'll go ride the pump track with matt conaway since he lives here now. Stoked on that. Drink water, turn on the AC, get naked.