Saturday, June 27, 2009

summer + mountains

Train tracks, swimming, rope swings.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

why you (probably) havnt seen me this summer

Ive been working non stop on my bike, not so sure if working is the right word. Ive been learning, restoring, thinking, putting together, fixing and breaking, this bike for the past few months. I bought it in October but had to put it off because of school, finally school was out and the bike was up. Ive learned more about myself, life (and mechanics of course) in a few months then I had in the 6 years Ive been in college. honestly. Id love to say im DONE working on her but, its a 1969 BSA victor, so its old, its british and its not the most consistent bike on the planet but, this is the best its ever been and im stoked. Go buy some piece of shit motorcycle and a manual, dedicate some time to it and youll be blown away. Or just jump into some shit youve never thought about REALLY doing but interests you and actually DO IT. Its worth it, better then getting fat at a bar and wasting your money on piss. No high horse I promise just trying to motivate.