Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rhode Island - Water Brothers - WRV

Canon PowerShot D10
Water Brothers - Newport RI
Sid has a lady that comes by the shop on the first of each month. She is homeless and he gives her Water Brothers gear on that day - this isnt just a surf shop, this is a refuge for all of Newport. It is the first of the month and we are having a WRV Demo. We all eat some awesome burgers and talk surfboards, she goes for 2 hot dogs instead. Im talking to a guy who sells yachts one minute, a grom the next, then a ripper from the Dominican Republic whos living in a billion dollar castle for a few months. Yeah, New York City is oh-so-cool and hip but I know what Im gonna get in the city. I have NO IDEA what Im going to get in Newport. I Swear I watched an 86 year old man go past the shop with his walker one day and say, "Hey screw you Sid." "Screw you old man," then they both laugh their asses off. I have no idea how they even know each other but, Sid knows everyone so it isnt a surprise. Sid and his crew played a huge part in the saving of Ruggles surf break as well as the creation of Doris Duke Surf Fest. Check back a few posts and see some photos from last year.

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