Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Early Disclaimers 120mm / 35mm

Film Photos shot on Yashica Mat 120 and Canon FT1 at Logstradamus 2014

It would be hard for me to talk about Early Disclaimers without talking about Andrew Virga. This is not to leave Leda out - Ive just known Virga (as we call him) forever. I have to start by saying he had an accordion in his attic growing up, and I dont mean like a $50 thing that had gills, this was like the Stradivarius of accordions. It easily weighed 30lbs if not 50. No one knew about its existence, nor did they really know Virgas musical talent. I partly blame his dad for having the most incredible record collection I have seen to date, that had to help. Virga would play the Charlie Brown Christmas song on the piano, the keys hit so hard and rang perfectly. He had his Fathers old Yamaha acoustic with perfectly worn in strings, and at some point in time he got a Marshall TV stack (the one youd imagine Jimi Hendrix playing). He knew how to play the blues somehow while we all played punk rock. We played in a church band for a minute and he got a pretty all time Fender Jazz bass. Based on his height and dimensions Virga looked pretty suited for a bass player. Anyway, I always love this story, or at least I say it a lot in my head but have never really shared it. The whole time a lot of us were in bands, playing shows, making merch, booking tours etc. Virga wasnt. I honestly dont think most of his friends even knew how good he was, but I always thought he was insanely talented and thought it was weird he was never in a band or anything. It was all behind the scenes. Then he moved to Florida. I couldnt tell you what it was but he arrived.

I might be wrong but I think his first band down there was The Cougs. They put out an amazing cassette then an even better 7". They were playing shows and touring while most of us had fizzled out, Virga had just come out of the gate. He works at a bar in town called Nobbys...as time went forward he started putting on NobFest, and more or less became what I see as the music spokesperson or mayor for his towns pretty flowering scene. I dont mean that in a cheesy way, there can also be awesome mayors. Jerry Seinfeld for Mayor! Without people staying active and putting on shows and housing them scenes can die. I watched it happen in my town, so when I see it living in another I really appreciate it.

Down to the point here. Virga just mailed me the Early Disclaimers Cassette and a nice pocket T. I had been listening to the bandcamp but now have the real thing. I was going to write him a letter saying how thankful I was but I figured maybe I would just write everyone, spread the word about some music worth listening to. The first thing I noticed about the album was the recording. It brought me back listening to it over and over. Im not sure I noticed the music as much as the sound and feel to it. It keeps me guessing. I dont know if they knew the tone was perfect or if it was a lucky mistake. I can hear the floor boards under an empty house shaking with the sound of their simple warmth. Tempo is also a big deal here. It is never rushed but I wouldnt say its sleepy or over done in a stoner band kind of thing. The whole album to me just sounds so present and accepting. Yep this is how I feel, ok got it? dont care? me either..this is it..we are here. Then you listen 5 more times and youre already day dreaming of music videos you want to make for the songs.  Enjoy.

   you listen to them here fool