Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Josh' 72 Ironhead

Josh weighs about 125 lbs, I weigh about 160 and last night we carried that heavy ass engine across his backyard, plopped it up on the stand then got it in the frame. This bike is going to be incredible when its done! sore sore sore sore.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Dwellings More Adventures!

Since the eastern shore post, I have rowed across another amazing lost hideout, magical layer, special place, an 18 year old dream hangout or a 26 year old's dream living/recording location. Cory and I had intended on going on a kayak exploration through back bay just to drink high life and discuss the lenght of his mustache but a wise redheaded soothesayer led us to believe if we traveled in the wrong direction, went over a series of trees, under insane amounts of limbs with spiders and ticks all over our legs we would eventually come to an abandonded peace lodge. True story - after feeling like a white boy in the amazon and paddling past 2 aligator gar it really was there. This sounds like Im writing a paper for school doesnt it? Anyway this place is pretty amazing to me, it was dirty on the inside with dust and all but we spent the better part of the day cleaning it out with the 2 old brooms we found in there. It has a wood burning stove! Im really wishing I knew about this place during the winter. A perfect hideout.