Thursday, May 28, 2009


I was having so much fun that I only shot maybe 5 pictures with my "real" camera, these are from my phone. The trail jam was a blast though lots of good people hanging out and riding, good grilling, thanks to those who provided food beers and dirt jumps. The next day balls evan and I took a spin on the mountain bike trail...that was awesome, never done that, give it a shot if you havnt... its awesome just dont fall off the side and lookout for snakes trying to ride your bike. friends of derek make him play drums.. he can do that without his left ankle..he rips and is fun to play with, I'll bring your set up next time if you want. for real.

Monday, May 4, 2009

frogs, combs, one handers 35mm

Something is way wrong with the scanner today but I cant complain because...well I dont have a scanner of my own. So for some reason all these are fuzzy I blame this rectangular shaped machine to my left...Anyway we got lots of style here, Charlie even claimed he had the best "trail hair" of the day. If you can talk about trail hair...whatever that is hahaha then it must have been a good time. Thanks for coming up guys I had a real good time, should be seeing you all more often and soon. The trees up here are getting green and fluffy and I keep seeing cardinals hopping around together. Outside is looking real good.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blankenship Headshots 35mm

A friend of mine needed some head shots for a roll as a country girl...hope she gets it. Here are some of the ones I thought were the best, printed them last night.

Intro to trail jam 101 35mm

In this class we will discuss the proper fun being had at trail jams. This culture was living in Radford Va studying the mystifying frog whoppers of one Bob Junkfood and the pancake styles of Mr. Derek Jawface. More interesting photographs of this culture soon...the prints look a lot better in real life then they do in our textbook class, remember that.

Friday, May 1, 2009

trail jam preview 35mm

Figured Id post a little preview of what should be coming up...I know some of you wanted to see the pics from the trail jam... here is a terrible representation but you can see bob looking like a radical frog, derek gettin flat, charlie doing his hair... dudes hanging!