Saturday, October 16, 2010


Josh' birthday camping trip near Lancaster VA. "ya'll are breaking at least 4 laws!" yeah that will probably stay with me for a long time, still laughing at that guy. Plastic camera-kodak 400. I think we're all in a time machine and I also think there is a giant crow pecking its way through the walls of my bedroom. He apparently wants me to jump on his back and fly me to another planet where birds are bigger then humans but they share common jobs, like perhaps youd go to a grocery store and a big seagul would ring you up for milk and cereal, Should I go!?

Friends In Common 35mm

Lamplight Inn, Ann Arbor Michigan. Stray Field somewhere VA.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Knotts island sunset (dead of winter), R.I.P. Alien pod slab Keysey Ohderty!austin tx, WindandSea CA, Craig + Cory Grandfield inafield CA, Myself + Craig Grandfield CA, WindandSea CA sunset, long left bowls all day <3


FINALLY getting some film back! The bulk of these above were from New Orleans, the last picture was St. Augustine Florida, marking the first jump in the atlantic for the upcoming summer (it was March here) Running into the water for the first time without a wetsuit is a pretty big deal if you love surfing as much as us. Anyway I think Ive finally found the most reliable film for a holga, Ive tried plenty. Ilford FP4 PLUS, give it a shot!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Josh got this frame, engine and some other parts from a guy down the street 2 months ago (if you scroll down you can see where it used to be) but today its finished and we're all about to go ride! He called me this morning to help him get it out of the workshop. That was a funny task, the stupid front end is almost as long as his whole shop. Ive never seen so many funny wooden ramps created in my life. We think we might have a weekend cleanse - play cards on the lift before there is another project up there then get back to work. We'll see...porch beer!