Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wings 35mm

Photos Billy Jaquis - Gooch Beach Maine

Maine 35mm

Photos compliments of Billy Jaquis - more of his life here - www.keyofcrime.tumblr.com
Of all the places Ive been so far nothing beats Maine. A place where the ocean is right near a forrest, a place that truly feels like its own, a place where houses are made perfectly out of wood - not vinyl siding...a place where people seem to take time to do things right. The surf community I encountered both trips were always extremely helpful, excited and pure. There wasnt one style, it was just the heart of surfing you could dream of 50 years ago. A place where people talk to you in and out of the water - sharing knowledge, excitement and love for the same thing. Only once did I get a stink eyed look - from a hipster with a mustache of course. "That was the first hipster Ive seen in 5 days, and hes the only person this whole trip who had an attitude," Eddie. Other then that it was typically, "Hey are you those guys from Virginia Beach!?" I even ran into guys I had seen and met on my first trip with WRV who remembered and welcomed me back. We surfed everything from long knee high longboard lines to over head river mouthed point breaks with seals. Thanks a lot to Vic and Josie at wheels and waves surf shop and the guys over at oceanview campgrounds also Don at K.O. surf shop and Jim for the company :] see you again soon.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For Sale

What a reliable machine. For sale if anyone wants to have something cooler then a scooter, faster then a moped but not gnarly enough to have you inducted into a motorcycle gang. All in all a perfect bike for cruising around town and having fun. 1971 Honda CB175.