Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friends 120mm

I got pretty lucky with all of these, they were all shot on the bulb setting in poor/dim light. The one of Gary (the true Scotsman) was all fire lighting. The top was Heather, Chase and I in the bathroom on New Years at our house, where we had a fire, drank some, all gave speeches and then some others started shooting guns in the backyard...ridiculous. The last photo is Ashley and Hollis in her new studio space, before renovations. Will be cool to see how the art spaces turn out. Carry on!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revenge Run + Life Experimental Roll 35mm

I took a small, light and easy plastic 35mm film camera on the run because I didn't want to lug my old Cannon SLR around. It was relieving to have it flapping around my neck while flying down the road with everyone, not worrying about a thing. The lens was plastic so most of the images came out really soft and not so defined but I dig it for motorcycle adventures. The last 3 photos here are outside or around the house Ive lived in the past year here at the beach. Lucked out having an acre yard in an 80 year old barn house in Virginia Beach -unheard of. My room mate Chase is a TRIP by the way and I think the more motorcycles I ride, the more I want to get into riding my bmx again. Just saw Jordans post over at the horse and got REALLY REALLY amped. It was surely a pleasure meeting him and some others on the trip (though it was a while back its still in my brain) So in similar fashion I'm giving a shout out to the guys down in NC at black sheep misfits - They couldn't have been more hospitable, cool and helpful to my friends and I. So check them out too!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Costa Rica 120mm

Got a color roll of medium format back from the trip to Costa Rica with Casey - where we later met the best guys, got superior waves and over all had a seamless trip. We started with absolutely no plans but to surf. In Costa Rica, a place that is fairly easy to navigate and cheap to get around, things worked out just fine for us. If you ever make it over to Mal Pais I suggest trying out Don Jons hostel. Ruth (the keeper while we were there) kept the place very clean on a daily basis, was very happy and was pretty much a cool sister who knew more then you did and took care of about 8 guys simultaneously. Ill be going back :]

Friday, October 7, 2011

Just one more...

I could take tons of sleeping Sherman photos if I tried hard enough :]

Crappie Bass Trowt 120mm

It appears that Crappie Bass Trowt has been up to big things! Crappie has been traveling the country giving speeches as uncle Joey from full house while Bass has been working on a serum to induce peaceful sleep. Now you know, no word on the whereabouts of Trowt. Photos taken with 120mm Holga using Kodak Porta 100 film, bulb setting with bobo tripod set up (a wooden chair)

Revenge Run 120mm

I just got 6 rolls of film back woo!!! These photos were on the Revenge Run 2 taken with Holga 120mm using Kodak Porta100. How about Josh' FACE! His birthday is in a few hours be sure to let him know that you dig his whiked style. YEAH!