Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Admire The Puddles 35mm

Nikon N70 - Ektar 25 
Milk Bottle Raynham Massachusetts - Vaughn Walters. After this breakfast / shoot he gave me Tom Petty, Full Moon Fever. Those plants are plastic.

Id Rather Be Fishing! 35mm

Nikon N70 - Kodak Ektar 25
This was the start of spring 2013 over in the GUT in seashore state park. That temperature when a jacket is too much and you get cold in a shirt. Feels good in the sun, cold in the shade - you get it. My favorite film at 25 ISO lets you shoot slow in day light, soaking up all the good colors of life. Chase Pittman with a real WHOPPER!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Candle Lighting 35mm

Kodak 400TX - Canon FT-1 - Bulb

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Yellow and Casey 35mm

Managua Airport 35mm

Canonet QL-17 - Bulb

Photo of Photo Infinity 35mm x 2 = 70mm

Josh Conner + Myself - Last roll shot with My Canonet QL-17 before it was stolen! San Juan Del Sur - Nicawoofra

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Newbedford VA

Nikon N-70 Expired fart gas slide film

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Head River - Pungo

There was a cassette tape upstairs from 1978 from a reverend and a button that said, "get it straight."

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Various places formats and times

BW 120 Slide Film all cameras warehouse nicaragua white sands florida on a ferry in NC and an abandoned lot.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pescardors Chicos Nicaragua 35mm

Nikon N70 - 200ISO Fuji Superia
Jiquiliste Nicaragua - There is a river that flows into the ocean during the rainy season. November isnt exactly the rainy season. So, the river backs up and does not flow to the sea. However, it was getting high and there are 2 fairly nice size houses backing against this river. Apparently the people who own the houses got the OK to drain the sucker - dig the sand out and have it flow so they dont have to worry about their houses getting washed away. This ends up being quite the hangout for the locals. They put up nets, catch fish and shrimp with their hands and some even tried to surf the standing wave created by the initial flow.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Bedford Camping / Skate 35mm


Canonet QL-17 - Camp Karma - New Bedford Va
These things just happen and sometimes they are better than you expect. Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you get shit. Shoot a lot of photos, draw a lot of things, write a lot of songs, read a lot of articles, study for a bunch of tests, ollie a couple of decks, achieve whatever. Whatever. Talk to people, meet people, buy drinks, get drinks. hello goodbye I miss you I love you. zoom. Sometimes you plan a trip and hope for everything, sometimes you dont even realize youre on one. "See Life, because when your heart stops you die, you better be living." Who doesnt want to be fabulous? Not in a gay fashion model kind of way, but seriously, who doesnt want to be as cool as Jacques Brel? Or who only aspires to be an earthworm in a poo garden? Shrug! Tell me you want to be an earthworm and youre a liar. Unless your name is Jim - then you would be Earthworm Jim - the ruler of all. Buzz Lightyear of your own kind! Anyway I look at peoples lives and see the things they do or what they have done and am constantly in awe and feel tiny. I go on these stupid trips because I want to feel alive, if I got in a car wreck trying to be an earthworm I would be devastated. If my plane crashed mid sentence while writing a love letter or if my amp blew me off the stage while playing a sloppy cover of Breed by Nirvana Id be fine with it all. I just wish I could tell you what I was doing.

Mike Hill 35mm

Dag on expired bullshit slide film - We went on this skate camping adventure to New Bedford VA, I cant even tell you where it is but its west and they have a skatepark and some dude from Vermont decided to open up a campground there with his wife - which quite frankly, blows my mind! So New Bedford has this fancy ass skatepark that is free and awesome, and for some reason they built this other thing back in the early 80s or late 70s which is shown above. We went to check it out. Honestly, I liked it more because it has that creative charm to it. Here is Mike Hill, sexy gap toothed dude nailing down some grinds on a tight bumpy transition.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hi Im Andy!

Letters between Josh Alley and a french bulldog named Andy

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Logstradamus II 35mm

Canonete QL7
I didnt shoot too many photos during logstradamus this year because some fat marine cop shut it down. Looks like a terrible event though, people of all ages, dressed crazy, surfing and we had a mariachi band on the beach. Way to go Virginia Beef - stop anything almost cool. Well nah, they didnt stop anything because we still had an awesome party, great bands and some sweet dance moves. Look out for us next year you fart knockers!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sam Cocke 35mm

Kodak Ektar 25 ISO - Nikon N70

I bought this film from a guy off craigslist who was moving. He and his wife had this awesome house in a deeply wooded neighborhood. He had a detached garage that he did wood work in. He told me if I got there a day earlier he had an entire darkroom set up he would have just given me. He and his wife were mid 60's but still kicking. The house was completely empty, I love empty houses. The guy was perplexed that I had any interest in film. He reached in his fridge and pulled out a few huge ziplock bags filled with it. This was the only roll of this stuff he had. I didnt think any of these would have come out because it was A. 25 ISO and B. old as balls. Its incredible stuff and the prints look unreal. Please give me the remaining canisters of Kodak Ektar 25.

OH YEAH SAM! So Sam is a graceful creature in all things. He walks like a moccasin on wet pine needles, cooks bean tacos in a silence, surfs like a feather and turns the pages of his comic books like they were all made of rice paper. A series of points formed around 43rd street this spring of 2013 in Virginia Beach - here are some excerpts of one featuring the graceful creature aboard. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Surfing Hampton Virginia 35mm

Expired Fujichrome - Nikon N70
Hampton is not really a surf spot but it certainly does break from time to time. It is miles inside the Chesapeake Bay, with its opening wide enough to let some swell through. I know during Hurricane Sandy some guys got it really good - head high, barrels, clean. We went out this day in the spring, winds were blowing NE for what seemed like a week and found some stomach high + waves to mess around on. I got a feeling the guys who live there see it more active than we think. FARTz.