Sunday, April 14, 2013

St. Lucia Black / White 35mm

Canon T70 - Ilford Hp5
Just a few shots here - those birds were pretty fun to share breakfast with. I liked watching them pile up on the hammock trying to figure out the safest way to the crumbs.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Holga / Skate Trip / Being a Dork 35mm

Holga - 400 Kodak xCrudx
I recently went on this fun skate / camp trip with some good friends of mine to Bedford, VA. These are some throw away shots but I wanted to make fun of myself and kind of call my generation out on some bullshit. Definitely not pointed at any of my dear friends in these photos. Just maybe me getting old and not understanding why we are so succeptable to crap.

1.Just because it is shot with film does not make it good. 
2.We used to play in bands and use nice gear, now its cool to suck and I really dont understand why.
3.Thank Alfred Stieglitz and his photo magazine from 1903 "Camera Work" for photography's use in advertising.
4.This is why Im a product of my generation. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Adventure Time / WRV / Florida 35mm

Canonet QL17 no light meter all brain function / malfunction
I do a lot of things for my job with WRV but the best part is when I get to take these surf road trips to see the accounts we deal with. My territory is the entire East coast. Portland Maine -  Miami Fla. This trip was in Florida and I had some crazy strain of the Flu. I was bleeding and dying and sleeping in the van with surfboard embryos. To stop myself from doing myself in from being sick Chris and I got these RAD adventure time T-shirts from Wal-Mart. They were originally 10 bucks, but I just took the tag off the discounted $5 Beavis and Butthead shirts and put them on these puppies.

Adventure Day with Jeff 35mm

Canonet QL17 - brained out light meter
Jeff and I went to look at a house for rent out in Pungo in my "new" 82 Toyota. It was pouring down rain and chilly but we went out to this peace lodge I had come across one time kayaking. Actually if you look back a few years on here you can see that post. Who wants to camp there one night? There is a wood burning stove, we just need to hook the chimney back up. Also these were shot using some Lomography 400-3 film. Pretty cool, has a Vietnam era / Nat Geo kind of tone to it.

1971 Triumph 650 Tiger 35mm

 Canonet QL17 - my favorite, mental light meter machine.
Above is my rolling / road tool box that I use to fix anything on this bike during trips. I guess it also serves an emergency Judys Pub tank top. I just spent well over a year rebuilding the engine on this bike. When it is tuned well and running right, nothing really beats the feeling.