Tuesday, February 19, 2013

St. Lucia - Full Day 35mm

Fuji Sensia 100 - Canonet QL17

I had never heard of St.Lucia prior to going there. Once I started talking about it, all I heard was the word HONEYMOON. We were there for 14 days, and I understand why people go HONEYMOON there but personally, from my feelings, that would sell this place short. To think of it as a perfect little island is weird. It was eerie, powerful, spiritual, lonely and haunting. The locals were acute but slow. Very kind, insanely observant and visually Im left with a movie scene - The Astronauts meet the Aliens and the suspense is drawn from the question - Can the Aliens read the Astronauts mind and see their Souls with those eyes!? There must be something more out there then diamonds and fresh shrimp. Yeah, driving on the right side of the road is different and so is the depth of the ocean but there was something to this place and its people beyond beauty. The weather was perfect. The water was blue. The leaves were green. The flowers were pretty. The hummingbirds were entertaining. The Rum was a drug and the moon was as bright as the sun (these last 3 shots were bulb exposures from moon light) If I needed to escape to record an album about spirits, ghosts and the supernatural I would go here. I dont know where to go if I ever get married.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Windansea California 35/120mm Conversion

A Bunch of damn sunsets after a fun surf ------------------------->

Friday, February 15, 2013

Leviticus Appleton (El MNO) 35mm

ILFORD HP5 - Canon FT1

Im not really sure how I met Levi or where but I always liked him. Virginia Beach is an interesting enough place but somehow it has morphed quite a few humans into the supernatural. I know some really talented and inspiring people who came from this land of hush puppies and old money. He writes music and has an amazing voice - I found that out when we jammed a few times in a crappy hotel room at the oceanfront. Since then he has released an instrumental album, and makes these trippy videos that coincide with his hip-hop freestyles. There is a chunk of Virginia Beach that the city decided to tear down and Im assuming will build a giant Cheese Block on. To me Levi represents the last of this beach/creative/music/punk something that I know and love, So I wanted to take his photos at this spot before it was gone. He was into it thankfully and Im very happy with these shots - theyre what I saw in my head and wanted to get. Please check out his music HERE

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Judys Pub and Floating Heads 35mm

Shit Film - Lomo Fish Eye
Its been a long tradition now getting together at Judys Pub for Christmas Eve. My best friends push Iron Maiden, ACDC, and Tom Petty on the jukebox all night. We play Foosball and have good times. If I ever had to go to war, I would think about this place all the time."Get throw up drunk for $15 bucks"- my self titled motto for my favorite bar in Virginia.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rays MTB 35mm

Of course there are no riding shots, how could you stop long enough to do that? This Cat was killing me in the fountain, think his name is Squizzgarr. Bulb exposures on both.