Wednesday, May 21, 2008

old timer

"when do you think this was made?"

"I guess the twenties? I mean the wheel is metal!"

"I cant believe someone was throwing this away, I think we're getting better use out of it then anyone would. I hate thinking of old timer in the junkyard."

wolf spider


Farmers markets have all kinds of hippie stuff...fresh food, vegetables, plants, soaps, boomerangs? Im not knocking any of this stuff, I dig all of it really. What Im trying to get at is this, "where do I belong at the farmers market?"

See this leaf above, well thats my ticket. These things blow my mind, theyre beautiful for one thing, theyre bigger then the average leaf and most importantly natures toilet paper. I said it, I did it. oh well. One side has freaking fur on it! DUH!

Back to the market. half joking half serious... there are some GREEN people down here. Bundle a ton of these things together and sell them for like 3 bucks. Marketable as 100% natural toilet paper, biodegradable, and fun!

"you could sell an entire bundle for 1 dollar and make an insane profit"-christian sawyer

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

long weekend

Friday I dug alone for at least 8 hours then saturday brian came out and we dug for at least 7 hours...what happend? What happend besides getting sick of my tapes? Well we built our first jump...and started building this hip/berm/landing thing. You can see the way the trail is going...its real windy, downhill berm jump hip berm landing...then its going under the tree that got struck by lightning...we've got to build a tunnel under the tree. im excited about it. After that some long ski jump thing, long and fast, I want to be flying at this point!
We're going to have to get some kind of tarps or covers for the stuff in the begginig because the sun hits it so much drying it out and making the work look like count draculas lips from 1950s black and white catch my drift? cracked lips!!!!!!!!! GROSS. Does dracula have cracked lips? in my mind he does. yes. We havnt jumped the hip yet because we finished at was dark, and my bike is broken because I threw it like an idiot. Things have been a little too up in the air for me lately, thats why I dug so much friday. I needed it. I love it.
Note-brian is afraid of the dark. At deerland he was afraid a deer was going to kill him. Here he's afraid of pablo killing us? Im not so sure why but he does drive us, he is sweet, and he listens to hours of talk and blabble from me in the woods, he's also a great dude. Brian you are allowed to be afraid of the dark, but after digging for countless hours I kind of just want to sit and look at it while the night-time ants bite me. I love you.

"DEERLAND"n- The name of the trails brian and I abandoned. They are up north and are actually pretty fun but they were started by a mountain biker named CJ. They are too far away and there are tons of rocks in the dirt. Pluses to deerland is a hut, a lot of deer, a decent tree house and a really low key location. oh yeah and a purse some weird kids found that has KY jelly in it...kinky.

"PABLO"n- We all know who pablo is...come on.

Monday, May 19, 2008


So what this picture isnt going to make the myspace hottest dudes hall of fame...infact we both look quite lame. Truth be told rambo aint got shit on us, when was the last time you saw rambo digging through a thunderstorm? Oh what, you saw him shoot a flaming arrow in the rain at some vietnam hut!? you think thats bad....the tree to our right got struck by effing lightning!we're stupid but Brian is in med school (omg thats so not bmx tough!) and he only gets 1 to 2 days a week to have fun. Milk it.


I quit my job, so I am jobless for now... well sorda. Believe it or not I actually babysit 2 kids a few days a week. A 2 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. They're pretty awesome, they teach me a lot about myself and life and how as we get older I think we as humans find it more acceptable to lie to each other...or bullshit our emotions more. which is lame. kids are pure and amazing. ANYWAY I spend a lot of time digging by myself which in some ways is zen-like but sometimes it sucks. Regardless I must have water, some snacks, my shirt off, my bookbag full of tapes, and JAM-O.

"JAM-O"n.- The best 5 dollars Ive ever spent. The best piece of recording equipment Ive ever owned. A tape player with a built in microphone that boosts the cassette tape music through the woods into my ears while I dig, sit, think, stink, hang.


This nugget of joy consist of the following; 4 elephant loads of dirt...maybe more, bunch a logs, farts, rocks, ants, a rusted wrench we found while digging, apple cores, and banana peels. Brian thinks its funny to throw banana peels into berms while we're digging then say, "BERMNANA!" Then we both laugh like its never happend before...but we have and its still funny and stupid. After that we go into talking about how our creations are eco friendly...and then I talk about the time Josh and I saw raccoons at my old trails in VA go through the set at dusk. insane. This berm has actually since gotten bigger and I think its probably going to get taller and taller untill its stupid tall.

"Stupid Tall"v.- meaning way taller then it needs to be, no tire could ever get to the top tall, visually appealing but probably ridiculous, ants would assume it was the ant version of the HRE or holy roman empire for those who didnt take History 101 and 102.


This was the first day, we planned out our bob-slead-ish line and started making the berm. It starts on this hill and wraps around...should be fun.

the beggining 4-19-08

It was springtime and the weather was too nice not to have some trails. Brian and I spent an entire day romping around town to find a spot to build. We wanted a place off the map (if possible here) with lots of elevation changes, good dirt, good shade, and not too far from my house. Yarpppp we found it. green as crap after eating green bike also has been painted green for the occasion. stoked!