Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Revenge Run 2 35mm

Period correct exposures for how I imagine old motorcycle photos. These were all shot on a crappy 35mm camera TIME magazine gave away with new subscribers years ago. Favorite pictures are of walt - he looks free and stoked, another thing I relate to motorcycles. My Triumph broke down about 4 hours before getting home but with some help from my nearby cousin he picked me and my bike up. He let me stash it at his house for a few days, while he gained a bottle of moonshine and crown. I then rode home on the back of parkers Honda 500 for the rest of the trip (thanks parker) The trip was great and we met the nicest coolest guys ever in North Carolina, Black Sheep Misfits. They helped steve out with his broken springer and helped the rest of us out with great attitudes, pizza and beer. The highlight of the trip for me. Motorcycles are good.