Wednesday, July 30, 2008


absolutely homosexual. we all tie dyed shirts...derek wins for most flavor.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Matt and I finished the roller / jump today. it looks nice. so fast.
pics and action shots soon. ski and derek were terds They thought my
front porch was more fun then hanging in the woods and listening
to tapes while trying to smash dry dirt clumps. FART!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I love this picture. We just finished the step down roller has a pretty big gap, i havnt cleared it yet...but I will. Derek did. Im making a built to spill tape right now for tomorrow's trail events. keep digging. Having Ski, Derek, Matt and Brian around has honestly changed my life. so glad they're here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Trail population 5. A new record. Ski moved down here from virginia beach bringing with him derek and jay. I couldnt be happier...3 quality dudes from home to hang hard with, smell, ride, be lumberjacks and forget about girls. Life seriously kicks ass right now, its pure dude time and its been going great. We're going to be camping at the trails thursday till--? I cant imagine whats going to get done and go on. Today we cut down all the trees that fell over from the lightning months ago and dug a little for the long jump. Drank coors light again and met one of the dudes who lives in the woods...real cool and loved pizza from NY. bad tattoos. Its dereks birthday and Im trying to celebrate it for at least a week!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

spiders...coors light...finished!

Crazy red wasp with blue wings killed massive wolf spider. Then started to drag wolf spider into wasp home inside log at bottom of our landing berm thing.
Me holding sad but dead wolf spider...Im assuming it was didnt put off a happy dead feel
Matt holding dead sad wolf spider. Note...bug is massive.
A six pack of coors light later and months of working on this landing berm thing its done! Im still soaking wet because it rained a ton today while we dug. I love getting filthy. I fell asleep in the mud and there are still bugs on me but Im happy at least! Right when we finished I grabbed my bike to jump it but I had a flat...thats the 4th flat Ive gotten there. I jumped it when it wasnt done and it was really its got to be amazing. Matt also built the next lip / roller dude after this today. Its going to be sorda mellow but have a really long gap. After this landing youre going really fast and downhill. We have to cut the tree down from the lightning storm now to move ahead. chainsaw, more rain, motivation and we'll finally be into the sweet part of the woods and the sweet part of the trails!