Friday, July 22, 2011

Paddle Out Ceremony

One of my very best friends and my favorite person in the world to play music with passed away a week after I got home from Costa Rica. I wrote 2 people while I was gone, one being Taylor. I was debating even putting this up, or these photos because I still dont want to believe the truth of the matter. The further time goes - the more I start to realize that he is gone and its not that I just have not seen him in a while. Life is 100% worth living and I have not ceased to believe that - there are so many places to go, so many people to meet, so much good music to play or listen to, and too many funny dogs to laugh at to think otherwise. Dont ever neglect the things you love or that keep you happy and remember your friends ARE there.

Fun! 35mm

The first 3 photos were all taken with a kodak disposable water camera around sunset at 62nd street steel pier in Virginia Beach. The waves were absolutely horrible but we managed to have a blast thanks to Sam Cocke and Freedom surf shop for letting us ride all sorts of whacky boards. Then the one of Tony was supposed to be a group shot but ol Billy was too busy laughing on his stomach in front of me. It was a great morning anyway...look at Tonys face damnit! Hes so happy! The last one was from the same morning, Billy Jaquis took of me with his water cam. Surf early with your friends, then go get breakfast together.


I still have a lot of film/photos from the trip to scan or develop and whatnot - however here are some water camera shots. The intention usually with the water cam is to take pictures of you and your friends surfing...but it rarely works out because its hard to do both. You'll lug it out there, put it in your mouth, or stuff it in your little pocket and before you know it, summer is over and there are STILL somehow photos left on the damn thing. So of course not too many pictures of surfing but some good happy people shots and water visions for those who cant swim! Most of these are around the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica. Cabuya, Los Cedros, Mal Pais, Boca Barranca, and Santa Teresa.