Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Best graffiti ever...buy a house on the beach for 8 grand... good idea. Great whites near by...bad idea. Cookies that are really dry...bad idea. Soccer jerseys for 10 bucks... good idea...cops with machine guns...bad idea...this could go back and forth all night.

losing street cred...

Ok so middle picture...white T shirt jeans...Drew and I had set off on a series of surf/skate trips in the van to florida and realized we had on the same clothes this started our series of CRAP. We then decided to take the same concept to california and baja mexico...I honestly have more but I think this is enough

february surf trips

quite a few years ago...lots of fun exploration...panoramic 35mm

The Yellow House

Monday, September 21, 2009


This was part of the deal of getting rid of my van to balls at first I was pissed to even consider a moped now I might be getting rid of it for another motorcycle and Im pretty sad. Ive got a feeling that I'll keep it :[

Thursday, September 17, 2009

where is koala van horn? 35mm

BEEEER! 35mm

I just got back from the hospital, cory was pounding them!

sherman 35mm

I probably have a million pictures of ol sherman...I wish I had a voice recording of that guy, Con standing next to Jeff.. the way he said JEFF was incredible. Something like, JEUHFFF!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

disposable camera blues 35mm

This color, Ive never been able to get it with any other type of camera. Bad thing is, now if you get the "dreaded film" processed at target or wherever the color is gone because, whats a good way to save time and decrease quality? lets convert as many things into the digital world as possible! I always go into that crap but its true! This was Vaughn and I walking down into false cape sometime a few falls ago throwing driftwood.
Bottom picture is Drew and I walking down the beach in Baja Mexico about to surf this crazy rock reef. See that steel building being built in the background? when we passed it there were 3 mexican construction workers on the very top of it with no harness or ANYTHING yelling at us with this wildness. It kicked ass they were at least 30 stories up eating chips and were pretty pumped to see some guys come out of no where with surfboards. We were pretty pumped to see guys eating chips that high up like it was no big deal!

Brothers? 35mm

I met Vaughn about 7 years ago, he chewed on his tounge and was trying out my new guitar. We were friends ever since...we've played and recorded tons of music together and had obsessions with metal then the drift into folk, and psychadelic lands, who knows...I always hope musicians constantly shift...if you stay exactly the same as a musician then how are you progressing? Anyway hes primarily the reason I set sail to Austin in the first place, though he and I's musical quest at the time didnt quite take form I had a great time and am glad that I quit school for a 3rd time to do so. He just got done doing a tour in Alaska (asshole) and Im finally finishing my degree. Im sure we'll play music one way or another together at some point in time and we'll always be friends, hes one of those. Ive always liked these pictures so I figured it was time to scan them. If youve met Vaughn before Im sure you have a story to tell, if you havnt the dude is awesome, he has a tree in his parents backyard in West Virginia with he and his first loves initials traced into it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This thing is falling apart due to constant crap photos from my camera phone...That was never EVER what this blog was intended for. Knowing this I made an attempt at scanning some 120 mm color negatives today and then converting them to images...but so far its not happening. Here was a crappy attempt. I hope to develop some film soon and start posting and scanning real pictures again...blahhhh. Steve and Megans wedding above :]

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Deer and I get along

This has been proven to me many times, this probably falls into second place for best deer + wes moments. The first being, a baby deer ran up to me from the woods in Austin, sniffed me a while then sat between my legs, it was amazing. Today my friend Josh and I rode bikes all the way down to wash woods from sandbridge and this deer and her fawn had absolutely no problems being a foot or two away from us. The gravestone is from the washwoods cemetary, most of the graves are from 1910, the whole area is really intersting...basically it was a community of people living on the beach whom survived a shipwreck and made their homes out of the wood from the boat. insane.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Moving out of yellow house today...Found this arrow head at the river a few days ago at our spot with the fire pit, rope swing and log seats...Going to miss this place, and playing music in the house.