Thursday, January 29, 2009

Its true

"the bowl is done?" "done." Its true now. Before it was this thing talked about that sounded similar to the truth behind drinking a few margaritas then chugging a Joose. You're going to get sick but you dont want to believe it while youre busy wrestling your best friends dog. Im not gonna lie about this, Im pretty devastated right now and almost feel its appropriate to have one of those father son talks with my dad. Maybe im being a girl here but to me that was the last place I could find some peace, still be a "kid" and love skateboarding like I did when I was younger. I hate skate parks (I love that they exist but I hate skating them) I dont like mini ramps...I like pools and bowls. Skating street now hurts my pussy body and I dont think Im wrong to say pools dont come around every day. Enough of the lame stuff, lets get to the point. I miss knowing that this is a place I can skate with my friends. Thats it. BEING WITH MY FRIENDS. First off Steve was gracious enough to build the thing then let me show up with 5 surfer kids that skate pretty often. No big deal. Bmxers, skaters, surfers all these kids. Punks, metal kids, photographers, dogs, alcoholics, pot smokers, the hessians. If you were in that garage you were living life as far as Im concerned and you were just as cool with the weird dude in the corner wearing some spiked jacket and makeup as you were your best friend. Good memories, Good times RIP POS BOWL. photo: howard tarpey

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pizza 35mm

CSB surf trip to florida 2006. Ronnie Drew and I found the biggest pizza on the planet and surfed the most shark infested spot in the world, new smyrna. Research it, most shark bites per year worldwide. Anyway one of the best times of my life, we even got to drive my van on the beach!

what is bmx? 35mm

The first picture is of my friend Travis, he isnt a "bmx" rider or anything. But, to me this is my favorite picture Ive ever taken of riding because it is what it is to me. He's on a 1" GT interceptor or something having a blast. No clue what is cool, what isnt cool, whos cool, who isnt cool. no clue just doing something that is fun and distracts his mind from anything depressing. hes riding a freaking chrome bike in the woods on some dirt some kids dug up. I love it.

Dress up and skate day 2000?

good memories. bad memory, I broke my left ankle for the third time on that deck a little while later.

snowburr 35mm

Someone awesome took food coloring and poured it on some ice a few years ago. I really liked it, infact next time I see some ice Im gonna do the same. 15 degrees. not much bmx around these parts maybe because Im a twat but heres some fresh pictures from a while back.

Friday, January 9, 2009

spring sometime

I know its january, and Im not even in america right now but this will happen. Its warmer outside and me and the guys up at radford will be digging our asses off so finally all you dudes can come up and shred with us. we'll have a sweet fire and a cookout and just bro down. I know we talked about a trail jam this fall but, the weather turned too quick and we only had a little more then a 6 pack at that time. We got all spring and summer to make things insane up there. VA is doing well. I miss you guys and bmx. I feel way out of it right now it sucks! but that just happens sometimes. also I got 2 new cameras for free from my old science teacher! ill post pics again once i get back to america.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

robado!- stolen!

Just a quick one, but I didn't really tell anyone I was going to mexico for my christmas break and well Im here. Its been crazy and good at the same time. But as you know if you check this I love photography and well of course I was trying to document a ton of mexico. I brought 3 cameras down with me and was going through film like crazy. I met some RAD drug dealers on the beach that surfed and hung with them for a few hours. They let me shoot a ton of pictures of them while we spoke broken spanish and english together. They showed me their jailhouse tattoos and were telling me jokes about tampons. It was the BEST. Unfortunately in Acapulco my wallet, and 3 cameras were stolen from me out of the rental car. Im going to try and get another camera while Im here so I can have something at least. Having film ruined or it getting stolen is terrible. My biggest piss factor with this situation is that these were just old 35mm cameras. The dude who took them was probably pissed too, he cant get much for them. So we both lost.