Friday, October 30, 2009


My GT mach one...Johns Haro Freestyler...the best times.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

this is serious.

LOVE THIS...stolen from nick

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Its a good thing

Im probably not the right person to talk about anything because I dont read the newspapers on a daily basis or follow the stock market or pay too much attention to anything outside of what I consider important. But I do observe a ton of things from my immediate life and do have values that Id say are important and help me base decisions on how to TRY and do the best thing. To me friendships are important, love or trying to love is important, trying hard is important, doing is important, quality is important, compassion is important...good quality again is important and its easily detectible but maybe not the easiset thing to explain but we all know what good quality is. I think the fact that this whole economy is a mess is a great is when all the genius minded out there step in to say the Native American is an idiot but to you I say slow down.

Something is wrong and its apparent, but I hope as a whole we're seeing this and luckily the lack of money and jobs are face slapping proof of the problem. The problem is the problem...that sounds stupid im sorry but once again, the problem is the problem. What is everyone worried about? MONEY. Imagine if there were more important things to worry about, I dont think we'd be stuck here. If we as a society werent so worried about money I dont think we'd see tons of cookie cutter neighborhoods made quickly out of cheap materials, I dont think we'd see as many "safe bet" chain stores popping up everywhere providing us with materials and goods from low quality companies or shitty food that has nothing to do with providing us solid nutrition but more so something to fill us up a second, make us fat and cost them nothing to create. I also dont think Id be staying up this late listening to audio recordings of guys talk about the interworkings of major record labels and how important record sales are (im doing freelance for a music company at the moment). I would love to hear good music that is mainstream that was written for the sake of necessity, someone being passionate, pouring their heart out, being AMAZING. Not an overwhelming creation of music that is safe and being written just to sell. That defeats the point and helps explain why music is becoming such a disposable part of our culture. Hell everything at this point in time seems to be disposable because there is no quality behind it. Things have been made to sell. Made to sell. Made to sell. Of course im talking about big time shit here not your small bike company or local surfboard shaper that the majority of the world has disposed of because we've been trading quality for money. This loss of quality has supplied us with a zombie world. So much of life around me seems so dead and I want that to go away. We shouldnt have to dig for shows that have real music pumping out of a basement, it should be on the radio. I think everyone deserves to hear a record not just the superb indie kids and honestly I dont think we've been advancing as a whole I think we've been degressing as a race and we are currently in the process of realizing that.

The picture above is of my Dad, his brother and cousins years ago. Those bikes lasted forever, his dad fixed cars the right way and if it broke down again Im sure he fixed it for free. Those kids got to grow up IN the world not DETATCHED from the world on a computer (fuck im on a computer right now) They grew food and caught snakes they were learning things about life outside and being attatched to the world not CYBER SPACE!
They read books and listened to the radio. TALK RADIO, you ever realized how good of listeners those people are!? I wonder why. Thats enough from me. I tried to say what I was thinking and what I feel around me and see. Do a good job at what you do because you want to do a good job and you care. Not because your job is going to give you money. The bellmen at the hotel I work at make terrible tips because they stopped doing a good job. They stopped caring about the person and doing a quality job, they started worrying about the tips...and what happens? They get stiffed all the time. Thats an economic crisis.

The Most Important

The two most important tapes I own. A documentation of total noise from yellow house fitting for the times and a few simple songs. One of these days I'll get around to editing everything. If youre interested in any of the music e mail me. I can send you somethings!

play music

its good for you

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy (early) birthday Josh

Josh is my best friend. His birthday is october 8th which he likes to call "octagon" 8/8...rediculous. Thats kind of how he pulled emily, his soon to be wife, he told her his birthday was octagon and that was that. Most of these pictures were taken by Josh with a disposable camera when he came to visit me and that is when I started growing a beard. "Im not shaving till you get here." Lots of skateboarding that trip...also thanks to Craig Grandfield for sending me that powell ripper in the mail, Jesus Christ how cool was that? Good friends good times good days.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


And back before dark. Gas station stop with elk jerky, Josh opened the package with his knife of course!