Monday, February 23, 2009

those jerks!

Sailor Nic came through last night on his way to Indiana. We got pretty crazy on some pizza, and beers. P-nut struck again. Check out Nics blog for more rediculous things of the night. We got SMASHED in one of the buildings at my school, never done that before.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here are some more pics of what we can ride when...we go on a trip down there this spring or summer? eh?! I gotta go down there and pick some things I left anyway. whadddaya say?! its a shame one of the funnest pump tracks ever is gone, however there is plenty of fun to be had in austin. lets go. on motorcycles. take tons of pictures. beer. Ask jay derek or ski about throwing beer at the fence then drinking it. thats FUN. Tons of places we can stay too, Im sure you guys know people there also hell yeah!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brian wins...big time

How could this be possible? I move from Austin back to Virginia...and THEN my friend Brian looks into the woods and finds this! Brian's name is Brian falls for starters, if that isnt cool enough maybe the fact that he is a legit Dr. works at a hospital and rides bmx is? Brian was my number 1 bmx buddy in austin we found the pool above together also. But alas, without me hes still finding great spots in austin. good job, this is what he said about the the bobsled.

"One day I was driving by some woods on a hill and I looked into the woods and saw what looked like an old concrete water slide. And so a few days later I went back and checked it out... guess what?!??? It was a totally rad concrete waterslide bobsled ride down a huge hill. It looked like it had been abandoned since the 1960s and had tons of graffiti covering it. It was the perfect snake run... soooo fast and soooooo much fun to ride. I wish you coulda been there. Some cool stuff about the water slide I forgot to mention was... 1) it had a PERFECT concrete berm, tight turn, everything!!!! 2) at the end, where the slides (there were 2 of them side by side) empty, there was a pool!!!! but it was full of water and leaves and crap!!! it has a perfect tranny, but would take HOURS to drain out with buckets... oh man i wish you coulda been there, then we could have drained it together."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

rusters 35mm

So heres the deal with developing film and printing it yourself. it takes forever, its fun but looks whack once you scan it. I was walking through the woods and found this car...stuck between some trees in the middle of no where. I like to think that it was a deleted scene from dazed and confused- a couple drove from Texas all the way to Virginia in one night and ended up in the woods, leaving the car behind. Self portraits are lame ok, you got me, but I had to test that feature out on the camera and was into the results. Ive got tons of prints coming up. If you shoot black and white film come up here and develop with me, itd be fun. Kodak tmax 100, cannon FT-1 (ancient) 60mm lens, wide angle lens, portrait lens used on car. Photo shop used to crop.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ive found the cream of the crop for the worlds best graffiti here in rural Virginia. Ive got a few more coming soon once I develop and make prints. This here is cowboy and babyGRIL 4 ever. Babygril is hot you know she is! bmxers hope you had a fun weekend at kennys, the weather was rad for you guys hell yeah to that!

Monday, February 2, 2009


So if you know me, you know squirrels are one of my favorite animals EVER, so getting to feed them like this was terrific! I had 3 cameras stolen from me in Acapulco as did Katy, quite a disappointment. So about 5 rolls of film will never be seen. But here are some fun times and good food from Mexico! I guess I should mention new years is a family holiday in Mexico and we got invited to a family gathering which was unreal. At midnight everyone eats 12 grapes and makes wishes for each grape, pretty neat. OH and salsa dancing with women wearing watermelon hats...cant beat that!