Sunday, June 16, 2013


Canon PowerShot D10
This is the start of a trip and hopefully the start of a Journey for myself and WRV. I work for WRV as the surfboard sales rep. This gives me the joy of interacting with over 60 surf shops from Maine all the way to Miami. I work with our interesting and talented shapers and all the guys sweating away in the factory who are finishing your board off right now. I make new friends each trip and can probably point you in the right direction to any surf break or place to grab a bite on the east coast. WRV has a ton of guys that surf for us worldwide. They ride our boards for fun and in contests then give us feedback - We are constantly refining our product. Simply, I want to share where WRV goes, what we do, give the guys who ride for us some photos, interview our shapers, make videos, and enjoy the ride. Eastern shore VA - Buffet extinct, Coffee in New Hampshire, and the back of Cinnamon Rainbow's truck (NH) with some new boards! We'll be there. 

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