Monday, February 23, 2015

WRV 1967 35mm


Ilford HP5 - Nikon 

Seeing photos of the factory without being able to smell the resin is just kind of pointless. But yeah! This is Leigh Ann and Dave Rohde, last photo is of Bob Yinger finishing a rail. LA is a Pisces and I mean that in all the best ways possible. She is fun and flows merrily, I always enjoy seeing her. Rohde is the loudest dude down there and I guarantee hes glassed at least 1 of your surfboards. Not only that but hes into and done some insanely cool shit, in fact all the guys down there pretty much pioneered the way. Worked their asses off spring summer fall, then took off on winter surf trips across the earth. Yinger just moved back into his shaping room, which is dark blue and moody. Moody in a good way. The kind that relaxes the spot above your eyebrows. One of the first things he did was set up his stereo again to listen to music. That may seem insignificant but I dont think he would function without it and the way the sound bounces around the room is symphonic. If you need your next board to be extra special get him some Alice in Chains or Queens of the Stone Age. There are a lot more guys involved in the surfboard process down there, and I need to bring my camera around more often when Im working. Its just hard to mix the two together but that's a peek inside the resin drum.