Sunday, June 16, 2013

Maine - WRV

Canon PowerShot D10
You will go to Maine - you will fall in love. Your mind will explode by the tidal difference. You will surf amazing waves and meet someone new in the water because there will be no one else out. After 20 minutes of trading waves you will both be smiling and laughing and think to yourself about how weird it is back home. Your new buddy will invite you to his house. On the drive over there will be no billboards, and no house looks the same. He will shape surfboards for fun, have an amazing garden, own a goat and chickens. He later reveals he is a Dentist when he hands you his card. He is a surfer. His card has a freaking wave on it and his name is Jim. Jim does not make mini-simmons. He makes Mini-Jimmons. He picked Maine over California by choice. 

It is also striper season, there is no horizon and it is quiet. Vic from Wheels and Waves catches a 38 incher from this sacred dock he's been casting into for years with no luck. Finally tonight he smiles reeling that thing in.

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