Sunday, August 24, 2008

old virginia!

Jacob Boyd back at ames... spring time 2005? Matt Vincent chillin!
Jacob tree jump at ames
Old Great Neck Trails 1998? This was my first real spot and the beggining of my addiction for finding spots, digging, riding, building teepees and hanging out! This set of woods is now tropical smoothie, ruby tuesdays, central 511, coldstone...all sorts of non squirrel related stores. Bummer.
Jeff Nicholson at radford trails. Note how green! Im moving back there on wednesday to finish my music degree, so I'll be digging there again too. Erik from patriot bikes took over the spot and its looking legit as hell. Jeff was my ultimate trail buddy until he left for paraguay. His bike got stolen too many times though for him to keep his chin up. One day we'll make the funny comedy/documentary on these 2 dudes who build trails together but one of them dosnt even like trails or anything hes just gay and needed an excuse to hangout in the woods with a guy. Such a sketchy story line its almost scary but its perfect. ew. ugh.
Me at ames dead of winter 2004/2005? Im not into winter, and I still cant table for shit but Im not gonna quit riding until I can get them flat. serious.

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