Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Every now and then you get in a cycle when you start hanging out with the same dude on a daily basis and its awesome. It happend in austin with derek and ski, we would ride bikes and play music on the daily. insane. Since Ive been home and went to richmond its been balls! We eat chanellos pizza listen to music, ride and stay stoked. On the way home from richmond we rode 2 race tracks and a skatepark. Last night we started digging again at thrashmore, should be real fun. We also put together my old 1" holmes while watching bmx on the olympics, a pretty righteous night especially since balls has been trying to build that bike for 2 years. We took it into the street at 3 am and had fun. I mean it this time WE HAD FUN on our bikes, it wasnt through the motions stuff, we got goofy. I decided I could do a 180 so I tried it, and pulled it off first try, roll out and everything. Real lame to everyone else but, to me Im real stoked. Balls and I just kept laughing and had fun till about 4 am. Im going to try to do a 180 tonight for christians birthday present because he love street and would be amped on me doing one im sure. Im pretty bobo on a bike to be honest, but I really love the creative side of building trails and riding bikes in the woods. Being around kick ass dudes always rules too. So yeah Im having fun in VA and am leaving to go dig at thrashmore. Christian hewitts birthday tonight at POS should be nuts! Virginia is for lovers.

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