Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Farmers markets have all kinds of hippie stuff...fresh food, vegetables, plants, soaps, boomerangs? Im not knocking any of this stuff, I dig all of it really. What Im trying to get at is this, "where do I belong at the farmers market?"

See this leaf above, well thats my ticket. These things blow my mind, theyre beautiful for one thing, theyre bigger then the average leaf and most importantly natures toilet paper. I said it, I did it. oh well. One side has freaking fur on it! DUH!

Back to the market. half joking half serious... there are some GREEN people down here. Bundle a ton of these things together and sell them for like 3 bucks. Marketable as 100% natural toilet paper, biodegradable, and fun!

"you could sell an entire bundle for 1 dollar and make an insane profit"-christian sawyer

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