Friday, February 15, 2013

Leviticus Appleton (El MNO) 35mm

ILFORD HP5 - Canon FT1

Im not really sure how I met Levi or where but I always liked him. Virginia Beach is an interesting enough place but somehow it has morphed quite a few humans into the supernatural. I know some really talented and inspiring people who came from this land of hush puppies and old money. He writes music and has an amazing voice - I found that out when we jammed a few times in a crappy hotel room at the oceanfront. Since then he has released an instrumental album, and makes these trippy videos that coincide with his hip-hop freestyles. There is a chunk of Virginia Beach that the city decided to tear down and Im assuming will build a giant Cheese Block on. To me Levi represents the last of this beach/creative/music/punk something that I know and love, So I wanted to take his photos at this spot before it was gone. He was into it thankfully and Im very happy with these shots - theyre what I saw in my head and wanted to get. Please check out his music HERE

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