Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Bedford Camping / Skate 35mm


Canonet QL-17 - Camp Karma - New Bedford Va
These things just happen and sometimes they are better than you expect. Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you get shit. Shoot a lot of photos, draw a lot of things, write a lot of songs, read a lot of articles, study for a bunch of tests, ollie a couple of decks, achieve whatever. Whatever. Talk to people, meet people, buy drinks, get drinks. hello goodbye I miss you I love you. zoom. Sometimes you plan a trip and hope for everything, sometimes you dont even realize youre on one. "See Life, because when your heart stops you die, you better be living." Who doesnt want to be fabulous? Not in a gay fashion model kind of way, but seriously, who doesnt want to be as cool as Jacques Brel? Or who only aspires to be an earthworm in a poo garden? Shrug! Tell me you want to be an earthworm and youre a liar. Unless your name is Jim - then you would be Earthworm Jim - the ruler of all. Buzz Lightyear of your own kind! Anyway I look at peoples lives and see the things they do or what they have done and am constantly in awe and feel tiny. I go on these stupid trips because I want to feel alive, if I got in a car wreck trying to be an earthworm I would be devastated. If my plane crashed mid sentence while writing a love letter or if my amp blew me off the stage while playing a sloppy cover of Breed by Nirvana Id be fine with it all. I just wish I could tell you what I was doing.

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kugel said...

damn, im going to have to quote this whole thing sometime. love, kugel