Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sam Cocke 35mm

Kodak Ektar 25 ISO - Nikon N70

I bought this film from a guy off craigslist who was moving. He and his wife had this awesome house in a deeply wooded neighborhood. He had a detached garage that he did wood work in. He told me if I got there a day earlier he had an entire darkroom set up he would have just given me. He and his wife were mid 60's but still kicking. The house was completely empty, I love empty houses. The guy was perplexed that I had any interest in film. He reached in his fridge and pulled out a few huge ziplock bags filled with it. This was the only roll of this stuff he had. I didnt think any of these would have come out because it was A. 25 ISO and B. old as balls. Its incredible stuff and the prints look unreal. Please give me the remaining canisters of Kodak Ektar 25.

OH YEAH SAM! So Sam is a graceful creature in all things. He walks like a moccasin on wet pine needles, cooks bean tacos in a silence, surfs like a feather and turns the pages of his comic books like they were all made of rice paper. A series of points formed around 43rd street this spring of 2013 in Virginia Beach - here are some excerpts of one featuring the graceful creature aboard. 

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