Wednesday, September 16, 2009

disposable camera blues 35mm

This color, Ive never been able to get it with any other type of camera. Bad thing is, now if you get the "dreaded film" processed at target or wherever the color is gone because, whats a good way to save time and decrease quality? lets convert as many things into the digital world as possible! I always go into that crap but its true! This was Vaughn and I walking down into false cape sometime a few falls ago throwing driftwood.
Bottom picture is Drew and I walking down the beach in Baja Mexico about to surf this crazy rock reef. See that steel building being built in the background? when we passed it there were 3 mexican construction workers on the very top of it with no harness or ANYTHING yelling at us with this wildness. It kicked ass they were at least 30 stories up eating chips and were pretty pumped to see some guys come out of no where with surfboards. We were pretty pumped to see guys eating chips that high up like it was no big deal!

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