Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brothers? 35mm

I met Vaughn about 7 years ago, he chewed on his tounge and was trying out my new guitar. We were friends ever since...we've played and recorded tons of music together and had obsessions with metal then the drift into folk, and psychadelic lands, who knows...I always hope musicians constantly shift...if you stay exactly the same as a musician then how are you progressing? Anyway hes primarily the reason I set sail to Austin in the first place, though he and I's musical quest at the time didnt quite take form I had a great time and am glad that I quit school for a 3rd time to do so. He just got done doing a tour in Alaska (asshole) and Im finally finishing my degree. Im sure we'll play music one way or another together at some point in time and we'll always be friends, hes one of those. Ive always liked these pictures so I figured it was time to scan them. If youve met Vaughn before Im sure you have a story to tell, if you havnt the dude is awesome, he has a tree in his parents backyard in West Virginia with he and his first loves initials traced into it.

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