Thursday, February 12, 2009

rusters 35mm

So heres the deal with developing film and printing it yourself. it takes forever, its fun but looks whack once you scan it. I was walking through the woods and found this car...stuck between some trees in the middle of no where. I like to think that it was a deleted scene from dazed and confused- a couple drove from Texas all the way to Virginia in one night and ended up in the woods, leaving the car behind. Self portraits are lame ok, you got me, but I had to test that feature out on the camera and was into the results. Ive got tons of prints coming up. If you shoot black and white film come up here and develop with me, itd be fun. Kodak tmax 100, cannon FT-1 (ancient) 60mm lens, wide angle lens, portrait lens used on car. Photo shop used to crop.


Unknown said...

Nice beard! Are you scanning prints or negatives?

kchula said...

It's a cow in a field--you are the milk maid?