Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brian wins...big time

How could this be possible? I move from Austin back to Virginia...and THEN my friend Brian looks into the woods and finds this! Brian's name is Brian falls for starters, if that isnt cool enough maybe the fact that he is a legit Dr. works at a hospital and rides bmx is? Brian was my number 1 bmx buddy in austin we found the pool above together also. But alas, without me hes still finding great spots in austin. good job, this is what he said about the the bobsled.

"One day I was driving by some woods on a hill and I looked into the woods and saw what looked like an old concrete water slide. And so a few days later I went back and checked it out... guess what?!??? It was a totally rad concrete waterslide bobsled ride down a huge hill. It looked like it had been abandoned since the 1960s and had tons of graffiti covering it. It was the perfect snake run... soooo fast and soooooo much fun to ride. I wish you coulda been there. Some cool stuff about the water slide I forgot to mention was... 1) it had a PERFECT concrete berm, tight turn, everything!!!! 2) at the end, where the slides (there were 2 of them side by side) empty, there was a pool!!!! but it was full of water and leaves and crap!!! it has a perfect tranny, but would take HOURS to drain out with buckets... oh man i wish you coulda been there, then we could have drained it together."


evan said...

uh, can I get in on that? call me... please.

kchula said...

wait wait wait, can't you just ride your bike into the pool at the end? make a big jump or something then fly into the deep end? :)