Friday, January 9, 2009

spring sometime

I know its january, and Im not even in america right now but this will happen. Its warmer outside and me and the guys up at radford will be digging our asses off so finally all you dudes can come up and shred with us. we'll have a sweet fire and a cookout and just bro down. I know we talked about a trail jam this fall but, the weather turned too quick and we only had a little more then a 6 pack at that time. We got all spring and summer to make things insane up there. VA is doing well. I miss you guys and bmx. I feel way out of it right now it sucks! but that just happens sometimes. also I got 2 new cameras for free from my old science teacher! ill post pics again once i get back to america.

1 comment:

tim said...

sucks you got your camera's swiped, the film loss blows goat testies, good to hear you got some back though!