Tuesday, January 6, 2009

robado!- stolen!

Just a quick one, but I didn't really tell anyone I was going to mexico for my christmas break and well Im here. Its been crazy and good at the same time. But as you know if you check this I love photography and well of course I was trying to document a ton of mexico. I brought 3 cameras down with me and was going through film like crazy. I met some RAD drug dealers on the beach that surfed and hung with them for a few hours. They let me shoot a ton of pictures of them while we spoke broken spanish and english together. They showed me their jailhouse tattoos and were telling me jokes about tampons. It was the BEST. Unfortunately in Acapulco my wallet, and 3 cameras were stolen from me out of the rental car. Im going to try and get another camera while Im here so I can have something at least. Having film ruined or it getting stolen is terrible. My biggest piss factor with this situation is that these were just old 35mm cameras. The dude who took them was probably pissed too, he cant get much for them. So we both lost. 

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