Monday, September 1, 2008

News no pictures :[

So Im at radford and school started today. I think everything is going to be just fine. I started digging at the trails. Its insanely amazing dirt wise. I just dont get it. I just dont get it! you can make a jump in a day... like legit size launch and landing... one day. youre digging with brownie mix. No roots. perfect wetness. Guys gotta come up. I'll post pics soon! Also I got a sick house. Im living right next to a graveyard its epic! If anyone wants to come live with me do it for as long as you want. rent is only 275 a month. come stay till it gets cold at least shit!


Flick N. B. said...

Get some pics up of the sick jumps.

It makes more sense to carve at it left when you are shredding the upper decks. Don't go to far right though ..

Cory said...

just a reminder...dont slack off...lets see more blogging