Saturday, June 14, 2008

best attitude

I want to spend all day with this guy. I started doing random jobs off of craigslist again to make money, yesterday I painted for 9 hours straight with this guy. It was actually really fun. The day before that Jared Vaughn and I recorded at a studio all day...Im working on something music related but am still not involved fully with anything I love, its killing me. Its been hot as shit, hasnt rained no building, no riding. Sometimes bmx dosnt exist at all in my life sometimes its my favorite thing, lately my favorite thing was hanging out with this frog. I should have kept him.


mykneecap said...

i love you! i miss you! (wes, not the frog). maybe one day i will not suck again. no, i'll pretty much always suck. but what i mean is maybe one day i'll make it out to the shred-a-licious zoo-track!

-BETO the pablo gobbler

PS: i found this at the hospital. ( it made me think of you. I KNOW WHAT BIKE WES SHOULD GET IF HE GETS A NEW ONE!!! 4 lbs, 13 oz... they even make it in 21.25"!!!!!!!!!!!!! BODACIOUS! oh, and odyssey is making clear, color pedals!!! check it... click the pic for some up-close action!

mykneecap said...

check this out!

click on the video titled "kevin p0rter: austin line 2008"

it's got two of your friends... kevin p. (starring) and ryan c. (very minor role)!!!

mykneecap said...

oops... forgot to send the link... here it is: