Wednesday, June 4, 2008

deerland 07

Color coordinated day at CJ's trails sometime last fall. Looks like a jungle in the background.
Budweiser bandanna, bloody knee, cutoff shorts, sweaty as it gets, beard, last summer was good. This summer however is already at 100 degrees plus on a daily basis. sucks. Ive been slacking on the zoo and I havnt heard from brian in about 2 weeks. It needs to rain if any digging is going to go down but I know when that happens a lot is going to get done. For now I'll go ride the pump track with matt conaway since he lives here now. Stoked on that. Drink water, turn on the AC, get naked.


mykneecap said...

BLAST FROM THE PAST! haha, dude we gotta go up there again sometime. i can't believe you have the nerve to call yourself "trailboss" when CJ's on your blog now! don't you know that at this very moment that fool is probably hitting his head on a space satellite? he's got that stuff DIALED!!! hahaha


2 shovels said...

yeah its actually embarassing. i didnt know that if my username was trailboss that it would show up on the actual blog. i think its lame myself but thats why i like it. me being a trailboss is sorda true but extremely lame...i do build like a freak but i ride like shit hahah