Saturday, March 24, 2012

Van Life / WRV / Sebastian Inlet 35mm

WRV Van Run to all of our Accounts in Florida. We were lucky enough to run into waves the entire trip, Head High Sebastian Inlet here. Plenty of barrels to go around. However the fire department was doing a controlled burn on the beach, so those were some smokey and interesting tubes. I wasn't planning on shooting surf so all the angles are quite wide (however John CSB these are for you!) The shaped blanks are John Lucas' first shapes for WRV that we brought back to have glassed and finished off at the factory. Look forward to seeing him as another great addition to the shaper line up with WRV. Stuff your iphone up yerr ass - 35mm Expired Slide Film / Cross Processed.


Akmil said...

wow, really nice :) it's beautiful

Aurora said...

this series of images is well edited and kick ass.