Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revenge Run + Life Experimental Roll 35mm

I took a small, light and easy plastic 35mm film camera on the run because I didn't want to lug my old Cannon SLR around. It was relieving to have it flapping around my neck while flying down the road with everyone, not worrying about a thing. The lens was plastic so most of the images came out really soft and not so defined but I dig it for motorcycle adventures. The last 3 photos here are outside or around the house Ive lived in the past year here at the beach. Lucked out having an acre yard in an 80 year old barn house in Virginia Beach -unheard of. My room mate Chase is a TRIP by the way and I think the more motorcycles I ride, the more I want to get into riding my bmx again. Just saw Jordans post over at the horse and got REALLY REALLY amped. It was surely a pleasure meeting him and some others on the trip (though it was a while back its still in my brain) So in similar fashion I'm giving a shout out to the guys down in NC at black sheep misfits - They couldn't have been more hospitable, cool and helpful to my friends and I. So check them out too! http://blacksheepmisfits.blogspot.com/

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TAN LNZ said...

nice place, Man!
nice pics too. . . esp. the dude turned around