Friday, July 22, 2011


I still have a lot of film/photos from the trip to scan or develop and whatnot - however here are some water camera shots. The intention usually with the water cam is to take pictures of you and your friends surfing...but it rarely works out because its hard to do both. You'll lug it out there, put it in your mouth, or stuff it in your little pocket and before you know it, summer is over and there are STILL somehow photos left on the damn thing. So of course not too many pictures of surfing but some good happy people shots and water visions for those who cant swim! Most of these are around the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica. Cabuya, Los Cedros, Mal Pais, Boca Barranca, and Santa Teresa.

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fall said...

I do adore ur pics and Your aesthetic view.. You are bigger than life man..

Zikos Harry