Monday, March 21, 2011

Electrical CB200 / CB175

Last week I got commissioned (hah) to fix a 76 CB200 for a guy I just met named Jordan. The bike seemed for the most part alright but it was'nt recharging the battery. This was my first electrical fix on a bike, aside from re-wiring the BSA and other small things here and there - so I wasnt very excited. Like most people I too hated electrical work on bikes, or anything really but I wanted to get over it and accept that electrical too, is NOT impossible. Through everything I learned a ton, Im not afraid anymore of electrical issues and I should hopefully be getting a surfboard shaped out of the deal (Jordan makes boards.) I will gladly fix a motorcycle for someone for trade offs like these. POS fun, late night ride with craig, revenge run coming up, summer, camping, surfing, gardening...good things friends, good things.

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