Saturday, October 16, 2010


Josh' birthday camping trip near Lancaster VA. "ya'll are breaking at least 4 laws!" yeah that will probably stay with me for a long time, still laughing at that guy. Plastic camera-kodak 400. I think we're all in a time machine and I also think there is a giant crow pecking its way through the walls of my bedroom. He apparently wants me to jump on his back and fly me to another planet where birds are bigger then humans but they share common jobs, like perhaps youd go to a grocery store and a big seagul would ring you up for milk and cereal, Should I go!?


little bia said...

any more?!?!

oohkendra said...

i second that, bia!

Anonymous said...

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Aurora Borealis_23 said...

lol film grain is your friend.
bahahaha i miss hearing you talk about giant crows and grocery clerk seaguls and such etc.
you have such a wonderful imagination!!