Thursday, February 4, 2010

show some love - make a tape

This is Workmans Comp. volume 1 for the workshop of Josh Nowell.
Here lies the progression of things. Its winter, take some time and make a tape for a friend, dont give them a CD mix...that shit only takes a few minutes. Put your heart and time into something and the reward should be greater...maybe? In my mind yeah. Id much rather someone give me something they worked on then some plastic turd their itunes popped out. Just an idea because winter sucks and we could all use a little boost! When friends give me art or something art related as a gift I always love it, thanks to the ones who have drawn me giraffes, frogs, squirrels, given me mixes, shared their photos, music, trails and skate spots with me. Its all the same in my mind.

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