Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recent 35mm Prints

Teotihuacan Mexico, I talked to this guy for a long time he sells these really rad bird whistles (of course I bought one) and rides to the pyramids everyday with 6 other guys in one car to sell this stuff. He was a good man and took my picture. I was a total tourist.

I got this tent from my old science teacher in middle school, its been a lot of places, here on the beach in Acapulco. Its now in Katy's closet in mexico but shes taken it out on a few spins already. hell yeah!

Ive gotten some new paper, some Ilford multigrade glossy and some Ilford warmtone fiber based paper, so the prints are starting to look much better...the paper I had before SUCKED.


Andrew Jasper said...

excellent shots dude! hope the trail jam went well!

mykneecap said...

rad dude! i especially like the one of you in front of the pyramid and the one of josh in the snowcar. sweeet!

ps: check your email! i'm coming to radford!!!