Sunday, March 29, 2009

birthday berm!

So Ive been working on this thing since the fall alone and I finished it today on my birthday! Perfect timing, that whole line is going to be fun...really fun youll have to see it to understand. No pics yet. Erik and I dug all day...cleaned up jumps blah blah blah. Everything is looking really nice. Things are a lot cleaner and nicer then these pics show. As long as it doesn't rain we'll be digging pretty consistently so this trail jam should be happening late April. YEAH!


mykneecap said...

sweet dude! happy birthday! by the way, let it not be forgotten that april is the zoo's 1 year birthday also. although by now it is more like a 1 year barfday because i haven't been there in so long it probably looks like poo... by the way, i'm moving to BOSTON in 2 months... austin to boston--crazy!

2 shovels said...

whoa why are you moving to boston!? for how long?