Thursday, January 29, 2009

Its true

"the bowl is done?" "done." Its true now. Before it was this thing talked about that sounded similar to the truth behind drinking a few margaritas then chugging a Joose. You're going to get sick but you dont want to believe it while youre busy wrestling your best friends dog. Im not gonna lie about this, Im pretty devastated right now and almost feel its appropriate to have one of those father son talks with my dad. Maybe im being a girl here but to me that was the last place I could find some peace, still be a "kid" and love skateboarding like I did when I was younger. I hate skate parks (I love that they exist but I hate skating them) I dont like mini ramps...I like pools and bowls. Skating street now hurts my pussy body and I dont think Im wrong to say pools dont come around every day. Enough of the lame stuff, lets get to the point. I miss knowing that this is a place I can skate with my friends. Thats it. BEING WITH MY FRIENDS. First off Steve was gracious enough to build the thing then let me show up with 5 surfer kids that skate pretty often. No big deal. Bmxers, skaters, surfers all these kids. Punks, metal kids, photographers, dogs, alcoholics, pot smokers, the hessians. If you were in that garage you were living life as far as Im concerned and you were just as cool with the weird dude in the corner wearing some spiked jacket and makeup as you were your best friend. Good memories, Good times RIP POS BOWL. photo: howard tarpey

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POS HOUSE said...

all good things must come to an end. get in the woods, get a twelve pack, a pack of camel lights and some gummy bears. pos bowl for life.