Sunday, December 14, 2008


It just hits me sometimes. really hard. My legs get this twitch and I suddenly feel like Im sitting on my couch again in 7th grade doing homework as fast as possible just so I can go skate till it gets dark. I miss those days like crazy, especially when Im busy and can feel myself slipping into this pseudo bullshit adult schedule when theres hardly time to eat, let alone do the things you love. I tell myself all the time, "never let THAT happen"...but sometimes it happens for a period of time and I just take it. The good thing is, and I plan on doing this when im 80 years old, is when things turn to shit I can always day dream of the days I got to spend with friends skating in the street, riding bikes in the woods, and surfing... all those times keep me alright.

If youre into skating and dig photography or maybe want to see a zine thats been around since the 90s that went bigger time check out concussion skateboarding. Itd be worth your time. They work hard and do things the right way.

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